Company Overview

Our Mission:

SatCom Marketing’s mission is to be considered the “Company of Choice” for the cable and telecommunications marketplace and always strives to achieve the highest level of respect possible from its clients, client customers, and its employees.

Our History:

In 1993, F. Dale Wunderlich started SatCom Marketing, LLC as a sales and telemarketing provider to the cable and satellite television industry. His goal was to provide high quality sales and superior close rates without creating backend customer service issues.

Mr. Wunderlich had spent much of his career leading sales and service organizations in the cable and satellite television industry. He was on the leading edge of developing sales and marketing techniques for the emerging industry and had the opportunity to see various sales tactics in action. Convinced that telemarketing offered the best ROI, Mr. Wunderlich launched SatCom to help cable operators obtain the kind of sales results they needed to grow their business.

SatCom Marketing launched in 1993 with a handful of agents dialing from their home phones and opened its first official call center in a small cable head end office in late 1993. Creating a culture around sales and quality, SatCom focused on hiring and training specialized “Sales Consultants” who used consultative and assumptive selling techniques and superior product knowledge to drive industry leading sales results while minimizing customer service issues.

Today, SatCom Marketing occupies a brand new, state-of-the-art, 20,000 square foot facility in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. With a peak capacity over 400 sales consultants and nearly 100,000 calling hours per month, SatCom offers a fully blended inbound and outbound calling environment. SatCom provides direct connectivity to client fulfillment systems, delivering end to end handling of all customer contact activity. Our Midwestern location taps into a strong labor market and provides a staff with a great work ethic and outstanding communication skills.

SatCom now offers our sales and service expertise to a wide variety of clients and industries. Our clients range from small startups to Fortune 500 companies and we offer a full range of solutions including sales, telemarketing, customer service, customer acquisition, retention, surveys and data collection, direct mail and much more. But our mission is still the same, we deliver quality sales and meaningful customer interactions for our clients.

Our Team:

When you work with SatCom, you work with one of the most experienced teams in the telemarketing industry.

With deep experience on both the client and vendor side, our executive team understands the challenges of your business and can help you design and execute your marketing plans to achieve your business goals. We design and execute thousands of campaigns each year and we understand what drives success. From list acquisition and segmentation, to offer creation and script development, our experience can make the difference in your marketing success.

Our account managers are seasoned professionals with years of marketing experience. They don’t just manage campaigns, they help our clients plan, develop and implement marketing tactics that help achieve ROI and grow your business.

Our supervisors are home-grown talent and have risen through the ranks at SatCom. They know what it takes to deliver for our clients and understand how SatCom does business. This allows us to provide a consistently high level of performance for our clients.

Our contact-center talent is some of the best in the industry. Our hiring standards are high and our proprietary screening tools make sure we find the people who can deliver in our sales and quality oriented culture. Even then, only 60% will make it through our best-in-class training program to handle calls for your customers. Many of our agents have been here for over five years, so you get experienced sales consultants talking to your customers.

Our Culture:

At SatCom Marketing, we consider our culture to be a big part of our industry leading sales success. From day one our culture has been built to deliver quality sales and customer interactions for our clients. Our culture is built on the following cultural principals:

  • We are a sales organization. It is made clear to our employees from day one: We are here to sell on behalf of our clients. We talk about it in the interview process. We teach it in training. We live it on the sales floor. We celebrate it, we incent it and we reward it. Most importantly, we insist our sales consultants achieve it.
  • Mutual Respect. Our culture is one of mutual respect. Mutual respect between our management team and the sales floor. Mutual respect between departments. Mutual respect between all SatCom employees. And most importantly, mutual respect between SatCom employees, our clients and their customers. We just won’t accept anything else.
  • Quality. Quality is one of our founding principles and our employees understand the expectation; no backend customer problems or escalations. Our in-house Quality Assurance team monitors every agent, every day to ensure that they are delivering against our 24 point quality guidelines. We are also monitored by a 4rd party Quality Assurance vendor that compares us with other top telemarketing providers and we consistently achieve the highest quality scores. We focus on quality not because we have to, but because we believe it is the right thing to do.
  • Industry Compliance. SatCom is serious about telemarketing compliance. We follow all FTC, FCC and state rules and make sure you are compliant with all federal and state regulations – including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA). In fact, SatCom has never been cited for any violation of state or federal telemarketing laws. We are one of only a handful of companies to achieve accreditation as a Self-Regulating Organization (SRO) through the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE). You won’t find any shortcuts here. Our reputation rides on it. Even more importantly, your reputation rides on it.

Our Performance:

We deliver more sales and some of the highest close rates in the industry. Our culture is built around generating quality sales resulting in 15-20% higher close rates than our competition.

Our performance is no accident. Our sales consultants are trained in a variety of sales techniques including consultative and assumptive selling. Our supervisors and Quality Assurance teams constantly monitor and coach for performance. Our commission structure and sales incentives keep our sales consultant goals aligned with our clients.

To maximize performance, we monitor each campaign continuously and aggressively. Our supervisors and Sales Manager monitor campaign performance results throughout the day and adjust as necessary. Our Account Managers track each campaign and advocate for the client when performance is not meeting expectations. We work with our clients to evaluate performance and make adjustments in the list segment, scripting and offers to ensure we are meeting your goals.