About Us

SatCom Marketing

SatCom Marketing, built its reputation as a leading Contact Center Services provider to the Broadband & Communications industry. SatCom Marketing specializes in outbound sales, inbound sales, service calls, survey work and lead generation for business and consumer markets.

Founded in 1993, SatCom Marketing’s senior management team has devoted most of our professional careers in broadband sales and marketing. SatCom has deep experience in marketing and selling data, video and voice products. In addition, we have a wealth of experience in upselling ancillary products like speed upgrades, mobile phone services and various devices.

Our History

In 1993, F. Dale Wunderlich started SatCom Marketing as a sales and telemarketing provider to the Broadband & Communications industry. His goal was to provide high quality sales and superior close rates without creating backend customer service issues.

Mr. Wunderlich had spent much of his career leading sales and service organizations in the cable and satellite television industry. He was on the leading edge of developing sales and marketing techniques for the emerging industry and had the opportunity to see various sales tactics in action. Convinced that telemarketing offered the best ROI, Mr. Wunderlich launched SatCom to help cable operators obtain the kind of sales results they needed to grow their business.

SatCom Marketing launched in 1993 with a handful of agents dialing from their home phones and opened its first official call center in a small cable head end office in late 1993. Creating a culture around sales and quality, SatCom focused on hiring and training specialized “Sales Consultants” who used consultative and assumptive selling techniques and superior product knowledge to drive industry leading sales results while minimizing customer service issues.

Today, SatCom Marketing occupies two state-of-the-art facilities located in two different states. With a peak capacity over 400 sales consultants and nearly 100,000 calling hours per month, SatCom offers a fully blended inbound and outbound calling environment. SatCom provides direct connectivity to client fulfillment systems, delivering end to end handling of all customer contact activity. Our Minneapolis and Ft. Myers locations taps into a strong labor market and provides a staff with a great work ethic and outstanding communication skills.

SatCom now offers our sales and service expertise to a wide variety of clients and industries. Our clients range from small startups to Fortune 500 companies and we offer a full range of solutions including sales, telemarketing, customer service, customer acquisition, retention, surveys and data collection, direct mail and much more. But our mission is still the same, we deliver quality sales and meaningful customer interactions for our clients.